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Thursday, 22 September 2016

5 Corporate Office Furniture Trends You Must Check Out

The evolution of office furniture design and functionality is evident and persistent. What it means is that corporate office furniture must incorporate the features like unique designs, ergonomic structure and a pragmatic configuration. It can act as your gizmo to attract and retain the millennial employees. At the same time, it can help to increase the productivity of your workforce with its ergonomic design principles. If you are looking forward to find aesthetic, inspiring, and ergonomically-designed office furniture, here are the top 5 trends to watch out for:

1. Collaboration Will Prevail:

Isolated cubicles and single desks are soon becoming a passé. With more businesses inclined towards team building in their work culture, collaborative furniture is the new buzzword. It is a unique design trend that unites collaborative spaces with privacy pods for distraction-free working. These designs are flexible and customizable to suit the varied needs of your employees.

2. Entree of Convertible Furniture:

Contemporary businesses, especially the start-ups look for the furniture that can expand to match the pace of their future growth. Hence, designers have come up with a unique idea of convertible office furniture. It is functional and lesser space-consuming. These may include height-adjusting desks, standing conference tables, sit-to-stand workstations and lots more.

3. Mobility Will Be The Defining Factor:

Prolonged sitting has negative health impact and it hampers the flow of creativity as well. Hence, the new-age workforce requires furniture that is easily movable and flexible to suit their varied working styles. Keeping this in mind, corporate office furniture has become modular and ergonomic. Chairs with wheels, mobile desks, and multi-use furniture are increasingly getting popular among the millennial workforce.

4. Green Concepts Are Creeping In:

With the growing culture of environmental responsibility and to improve the air inside workplaces, eco-friendly design trends are also gaining momentum. Vertical gardens are being incorporated to induce indoor greenery and toxic-free materials are used in furniture to reduce the carbon footprints of modern businesses.

5. Technology Will Improve:

Modern workspaces are digital hubs thriving on information technology and telecommunication. As such, contemporary office furniture is integrated with features like Ethernet ports, USB ports, power outlets and much more. They have easy access points to ensure effortless plugging and unplugging of multiple devices.

These are some of the sustainable design trends for corporate office furniture. If you also want to reinvent your workspace, it is the right time to integrate these unique features into your furniture designs.

Friday, 15 July 2016

5 Work-Inspiring Office Design Trends For 2016

Businesses are constantly looking for ideas and inspirations to keep workers engaged and productive in the office.

The right design and workspace construction can actually make a striking impact in the way your employees perform at work. The new design trends approach office furniture in a more open and engaging way, saying goodbye to the big walls, separation of departments and design elements that burn people out. Instead, the following 5 trends are ruling the world of modern office furniture:

1. Outdoors Inside

Natural elements play a vital role in boosting morale and motivation at work. Incorporating natural patterns in fabrics and artwork, and using plant life in the form of living walls makes a great impact on bringing in green bliss at work.

2. Multipurpose Workspaces 

While the cubicles are disappearing faster than ever in modern businesses, they are being replaced by non-aligned seating. Multipurpose spaces are now dominating workstations as they can be used for everything including presentations and casual conversations. Oval shaped desks with a seating capacity of 4-6 people is a popular trend along with height-adjusting tables for standing meetings are becoming the new norm.

3. Color Coded

It is noted that businesses that organize their work environments with color, often notice more organization in thoughts. Also, a dash of color acts as an excellent inspiration to boost happiness, creativity and productivity.

Accessories and furniture are now being offered in a wide spectrum of colors, making offices more playful and joyful than ever before.

4. Flexibility Rules 

Gone are the days of permanent layouts in offices. Flexibility is one of the biggest growing trends in the office furniture industry in New York. Leaders are now choosing products that can be mixed, moved around and stacked easily in order to create a dynamic and collaborative workspace with innumerable combinations. This also serves as an affordable way to keep changing the office look for a unique appeal.

5. Lounge Areas

The rigid workstations have given way to dedicated lounge areas in modern times. As technology has become lighter, powerful and wireless, the need for a fixed workstation is reducing day by day. Offices are building comfortable spaces that stimulate relaxation and ideas while making work more enjoyablee.

Modern office furniture is now more lively, joyful and collaborative, giving way to a whole new way of working and achieving results.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Office Furniture

Adding new furniture to the office space can be both exciting as well as overwhelming. Investment in office furniture solutions must be accompanied by a few smart decisions to ensure the best bang for the buck. However, there are a few common mistakes that can be avoided while buying new office furniture.

Do not weigh looks over comfort

Furniture has the power to influence the attitude and productivity of employees in an organization. While aesthetics play a crucial role, managers must consider other factors like employee preference and convenience while picking furniture for the office. Managers must remember that the comfort felt for the first minute of usage must last through hours of tedious work.

Smaller companies often ignore the significance of furniture

Smaller start-ups and companies with a very low employee base often ignore the importance of choosing the perfect furniture for their working space. However, when the employee base is smaller, organizations can indeed take advantage of the fact and customize seating solutions based on individual preference and need easily. For instance, some offices may benefit better from collaborative workstations which work best when the number of workers are not too high.

Making price the topmost priority

Setting up an office space takes much time, effort and money and to get the best out of the initiative one must plan for the long term. Ensure the office furniture procured is of top quality and that you have weighed plenty of options in terms of brands, colors and patterns. One cannot manipulate office space and its furniture very often so take time to test the quality of your furniture rather than making a hasty decision based on cost alone.

Color and pattern mismatches

A piece of furniture may attract individuals instantly but its fit into the current office space must be tested before making the purchase. For instance, furniture that is too huge for a small reception space or overly gaudy furniture for the conference room can turn out to be a complete mismatch.

Purchase decision

Cohesive office furniture solutions can enhance the looks of a commercial space and offer a more refined and professional look. Check whether you will receive end-to-end solutions from delivery to installation before you make the purchase to make the transition hassle-free.

Browse through Court Street’s exclusive collection of office furniture at Consult our experts for all your office decor related needs and to help you choose the perfect furniture for the workplace.

Friday, 22 January 2016

5 Trends in Office Furniture for 2016

Work spaces aren’t just static spaces that are bare and devoid of personality. As work cultures across the globe evolve to meet the requirements of working in the 21st century, workspaces must evolve too. 

In this new millennium, work spaces are an expression of self, for a firm, employee or even industry. Naturally it goes to follow that work place furniture and décor is no longer about practicality alone but encompasses aesthetics, form, functionality and style. As work spaces work double time to keep pace with technological progress and paradigm shifts in workplace culture, 2016 promises to be a year that will witness some interesting office furniture trends that will be practical and cost-effective.

Image source:

Shut out the noise
The most common complaints that employees still have is the ambient noise at a workplace. And soundproofing is going to be a buzzword in 2016. With the growing trend of open plan offices, increasingly organizations will incorporate soundproofing technologies not just in their conference rooms but also at individual workstations. Cubicle office partitions that can be adjusted will be incorporated to tackle this other than walls which will further aide soundproofing in an office space. Other than this acoustic booths will also be installed.

Layouts that encourage time away from desks
Though this trend already gained popularity last year, its presence will be further consolidated in 2016. Organizations are increasingly opening up to the concept that small intervals spent away from the desk leads to better productivity. Open furniture layouts that let peers engage with each other promote collaboration and boost better ideas.

Image source:

Standing meetings around quirky desks
Don’t be surprised if you find your executives and clients standing rather than seated in the meeting room in 2016. A trend that is being debated but will be witnessed across organizations in 2016 is that of standing meetings. Irrespective of whether it is a client meeting or an in-house one, the conventional conference room will be given a miss. What will replace this room is a section created with an interesting office partition and a quirky desk for people to stand around and discuss strategies at length.

Image source: 

Health over wealth
Ergonomically designed features will still be a dominating trait of office furniture. The basic ergonomic workstation will receive an upgrade, with armrests, footrests and the works. Companies will take the initiative of providing a workspace that will boost the health of their employees. Not just workstations but recreational areas in office spaces too will be designed with ergonomic principles in mind.

Image source:

Partition parties
Even though open layouts are being embraced, individuals still need some privacy at the office. Additionally even if people are working in small groups, they will need an assigned place to themselves. Which is why partitioned spaces, cozy nooks and working corners will move to the mainstream at the workplace in 2016.  Columns and pillars are construction features that had to be worked around and were considered hindrances, but not anymore. Smartly designed office partitions will be used to create collaborating zones as well as singular workstations around columns and pillars for those employees who want some much needed seclusion.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Small And Medium Businesses Upgrade To Technology Equipped Furniture

Furniture and décor needs for Small and Medium Businesses or SMBs are radically different from those of larger corporates. With space and or budget constraints as well as the benefits of a smaller team maximizing space is always top priority. Using technology equipped furniture at the workspace is something that many SMBs are drawn to. Not only does this approach ensure that every piece of furniture is of maximum utility, it allows you to do more with less.

Here are 5 ways that you can integrate technology equipped furniture at the workplace.

Furniture to help charge your gadgets

This piece of office furniture comes stacked with power outlets to make it easy to charge your gadgets at work without the hassle of leaving your desk and searching for one. Affordable and customizable to suit your office space and needs, this furniture is worth your money and also makes for a great space saver.

Customizable desk sharing

With rising real estate prices, office desk sharing is a new space saving solution. The customisable shared desk comes with an intelligent interface that automatically customizes the digital needs for each user, once their tablets are connected to it. The user can see all his/her data on the screen as the desk synchronises everything for each specific user without leaking other users’ data. The desk is portable and can be tailored to adjust to different heights and sizes.

Intelligent Lighting

Adding smart lighting is a great way to compliment commercial office furniture and also brighten up the office space! The lighting options come with sensors that can detect activity and turn themselves off when there is no one present in the room, thus reducing utility costs. Also, many come with different modes suitable for different activities. They are sleek and work perfectly in an office with a minimalistic aesthetic.

Ergonomic chairs

A number of chairs come loaded with ergonomic technology which enable them to automatically adapt to the user’s body shape and size, hence avoiding any discomfort. Depending on how far you recline, many come with headrests that move accordingly. Also, the cushions are designed so as to not overheat. Height adjustment, easy movement, good air circulation and keyboard integration are additional features that they provide.

Fire resistant file safes

A great way to ensure the safety of your data and clients’ information is by investing in fire resistant file safes. The purpose of modern office furniture is not only to make your office look sleek but also ensure the safety of confidential information. Such cabinets are built with heat resistant material and offer protection to all drawers, thus preventing any loss of information.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Inspiring Work Space Traits Of Successful People In Creative Fields

Art comes from an unbeatable urge to imagine and create new things. A lot of what we create depends on the kind of people we meet, our state of mind and the kind of space we work in. 
Every work space has its own feel and essence to it. Some of the most creative brains of the world have made for themselves a cocoon of their own, to help them think and create their unthinkable works.

Let’s take a look at some traits that are shared by them when it comes to their workspaces.

Messy desks
Right brained people are generally more creative and along with creativity comes their unstructured lifestyles and work spaces. So it comes as no surprise that many of the most creative heads are messy and don’t mind casual clutter.

John Lennon, one of the greatest song writers of all time had a very simple yet scattered work space.
If he were here now there he’d probably find some of his eccentric work space elements at the garage sale next door. 

John Lennon

Ray Eames made her contributions to modern architecture and design with blue prints that came into being in this not so messy work space. 
Her contemporary tastes could easily be found in contemporary furniture stores, Brooklyn, Coney Island or even Manhattan.

Ray Eames

Massive works and minimalistic work spaces:

Some took free space to another level and cleared out their works spaces to the bare minimal. Clear and uncluttered work spaces help some people think, this was clearly evident in the work spaces of,
Jane Austen, the famous author who decided to keep it simple with nothing but the bare minimal of the paper and ink to pen her thoughts down.
If she did belong to the ‘now’ era then her kind of furniture wouldn’t be hard to find, be it a showroom at Times Square or a Furniture Stores Brooklyn Downtown.

Jane Austen

Amanda Hesser is a food writer who is among the 50 most influential women in the food industry as ranked by Gourmet Magazine.
The minimalist in her complements her open and free spirited works, be it food or her own desk.

Amanda Hesser

The soul of a book at the heart of a space:

Most brilliant minds still find their inspiration in good old books. This is probably why a lot of their work spaces are dominated by the existence of books.

Nigella Lawson, is a well know chef and food journalist. Behind the scenes of these TV screens and homely kitchens, is a work space which is practically made up of books.

Nigella Lawson

Alexander Calder was an unconventional sculptor who was known as the originator of the mobile sculptures. His work space though cluttered was cluttered with books sheets and all his equipment.   

Alexander calder

Friday, 11 December 2015

Tips For Office Furniture Layouts

Do you think your office looks too old school? Well in today’s competitive market, even an inkling like this one should be taken seriously. Your office layout is much more than the placement of desks and chairs, it’s your business’s basecamp. It should convey your product’s character, rather than appear like any other corporate office.

Here are five tips to consider before you start redecorating,


Image source:

There are certain office layouts that have been used very frequently because they work. However it’s okay to move away from the traditional and explore something more adventurous. Placing a mini garden between your office furniture is not frowned upon anymore, in fact it might just improve productivity. Let the employees help you with this creative process. As your design moves further away from the mundane, it moves closer to uniqueness.

2.Keeping up with nature

Image source:

Decorating your office with lamps and brightly lit bulbs is appreciated by your hard working employees. However, for the sake of the environment and the economy, it might be a better idea to optimally utilize natural light. Incorporating French windows, glass exteriors could work well for your employees and your accountants. So this time consider placing your office suite furniture in a place that receives ample sunlight.

3. Brainstorming space

Image source:

Work isn’t the same without brainstorming sessions. Once you’ve lined up a meeting with a potential client, it’s time to generate amazing ideas. Now all you need is a space that will help those thinking wheels gain some momentum. It doesn’t have to be a conference room, it could be a space that most employees would feel comfortable in.

4. Let’s chat over coffee

Image source:

Sitting at your desk for hours together isn’t productive, you could just listlessly stare at your screen for hours together, it’s better to take breaks to refocus your attention. An office design should incorporate this idea, employees need breakout spaces. It could be a gaming room or simply a cosy corner where you can dish out office gossip.

5. Clutter or De clutter?

Image source:

There is always a debate whether a cluttered space is pro productivity or not. Many entrepreneurs of creative start-ups swear by it. An office that looks organized in its own haphazard way, gives the employees the comfort to be themselves instead of being cautious. It promotes creativity, on the other side are those you believe primness is a requisite in a corporate environment. You need to analyse the comfort and preference of your employees and decide which side of the argument you support.

So start selecting contemporary office furniture to revamp your workspace.